A Wise Woman Writes

Every day offers a chance

To step away from the past

Embrace a new self

There is a warrior waiting

To reveal the path

Soldier of fortune

Did I shine my light on your fear?

I was trying to show you the way

Confusing knowledge with madness

Compassionate care

Drag it into the woods and set it on fire

Inhale toxic fumes

Suffocation is a small sacrifice

Burn your voice

Stop the echo in my head

These are the ties that bind us

Destruction and creation

Your words slice through my skin

Embedded in my bones and calcified for life

Tell me to live in the moment

Not understanding it’s haunted

Term life

Maximum security

Hooray for civil participation

Incarcerated by regret


In watered down spirituality


Into awareness

Lost your dream

All I hear is a scream

A gift from God

What a cruel joke

Dread is strapped…

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