a brief memoir about indestructible forces

Kindra M. Austin

We were poor people. My mother didn’t work, as she was busy raising me (and my sister once she was born in 1983). My dad has never not worked, that is to say I don’t know if he has ever been an unemployment benefit recipient. I only know my dad has always gone some place to earn money, whether he had to hit the pavement, or a hitch a ride. I lacked an awareness of social/economical class, I think mainly because my parents didn’t complain in front of me about scant money; plus, I had really awesome toys, and my clothes were always clean (washed in Tide, for fuck’s sake).

Our family of four moved from Huggins Road in Flint, to Davison Road in Lapeer during the summer of 1984. I began kindergarten at Elba elementary that September at the late age of six. Had I been born on…

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she did her time in a concrete tomb etched in stone tablets of damnation’s tome lorded over by dungeon masters antebellum gnomes she withered skin dry and papery anima Grinch-like shrinking shriveled as an exsiccated raisin hard and insubstantial anhydrated bones skeletal key belatedly turned she exhumes maggoty dragging leprous remains thwarting the fate befallen … Continue reading Resurrection

Natural Consequences

she was taken for granted her pliable nature ravaged resources pillaged plundered in blasphemous homage to instant gratification her gagged silence misconstrued as obsequious acquiescence her mantle crumpled under devastating onslaught accommodating and resilient she bends except for the intermittent breakages where she unleashes her pent up fury vents the wrath fomented over eons boiled … Continue reading Natural Consequences

The Box

A Wise Woman Writes

It’s summer, the time when I am supposed to be the happiest. Gardening, butterflies, flowers and all the other things I think I need in order to survive what’s coming. But I hate the way the air feels, with it’s wildfire red sunsets reminding me that the world really is on fire and it’s just a matter of time. There is too much brown and yellow sucking up the light and the green and purple. All the family vacations that don’t happen anymore because your kids grow up and you get old and sick and it’s easier to just stay home. I haven’t eaten a vegetable in weeks even though they are growing right outside my back door and I know it’s good for me. A box came in the mail yesterday from my dead lawyer. It contained the file of my lifetime of restraining orders and court hearings and…

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I’ve been rummaging through our graveyard stirring up dusty ghosts as I forage for crumbs of a life amongst the splintered bones they don’t lie still our bones they poke me in my sleep with their compound fracturings the jumble of their burying jabs me impaling my hard fought peace upon shards of yesterdays littered … Continue reading Hauntings


self-protection your forte withdrawing into yourself in the face of predators real or shadow-boxers concealing vulnerable flesh under rock-hard outer shell you have perfected your hidden aptitude structuring yourself the archetypal reference point for all who may shrink, sheltering   my heart expands with the stretch of your wrinkly limbs accordioned neck uplifting basking in … Continue reading Turtling