you SELFISH victim….

From day one we are raised to adore and need our moms… to not honor the woman who made you…. Is something like an unwritten crime…

How could you not love the woman who gave you life? Even if she allowed a man to take advantage of your innocence… just because she was his wife? How DARE you not respect the woman who barely respects herself….

How dare you not speak only positively of the woman who brought you here… only to not choose you first? You selfish bitch… how could you not kiss the ass of the woman who time and time again made you question your worth?

Who the FUCK do you think you are? Not running miles for a woman who wouldn’t run half as far…

Its deplorable really… how you stay in your feelings…. how could you look at the truth on the ground when there are beautiful lies on the ceilings… look up child… this woman made your life worthwhile… right?

How could you choose to fight… when it will bring all that was in the dark to light? Why would you cause such a scene…. You are so ungrateful and mean… even if mommy is wrong… she made you so you should always be on her team… stop making a mess of all she lied about to appear clean…

How do you feel now? Does it feel more real now? They all left you because you dared to go against the grain… you broke the seal now… you just HAD to unleash the demons that are too large, no Pandora’s Box strong enough to conceal now…  everyone knows the deal now… Battle wounds forever open… with no mommy to clean it… she chose to love him… she left you alone to heal now….


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