I embrace my grief

Yashkan/Yassy in Poetry


In a sky of knighted stars
I etch a torn world
Pain bows to me in silence
Unrelenting in its essence.

I embrace my grief
In a torn world
Of blind bombs
And bleeding bombers

Stars cry blue
Behind a volcanic sky
I hear the solar song
Wind carries
The universe to my lips

Pain fires my quill
To abstract boundaries
If it's dust to dust
Then pain to pain
And love to love

And maybe love is alive somewhere....

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When does the hurt stop?


About 4 years ago, my wife and I were pregnant for the first time. We were so excited, it hurt. We waited a week or two, which in hindsight was a mistake, before telling anyone. We were sure that things were going to work out great. We had made plans, we had hospitals picked out and our bag packed, and then it happened. She had a miscarriage about a month into the pregnancy. Some would say that we made rookie mistakes, but let’s be honest here: we were rookies. It was our first pregnancy, and our first real experience with first hand loss.
We grieved, we cried, she took a few days off work to get herself back to her senses, and we tried again. Depression for me came and went, as did restlessness and suicidal ideation. A few months later, we were cautiously optimistic about our second pregnancy. We…

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Knife to my Back

A Wise Woman Writes

I found myself

Walking in my sleep

Feet at the edge

A nightmare reality

Making it’s way to the surface

From beyond the deep

My mind a raging storm

Faces and memories torn

Away in a frenzy

Dazed and confused

What’s in my head

Grasping at bits and pieces

I can see a light

But not the source

Yelling and lying

Can I stop dying

The sound of

Breaking boughs

Add to the echoes

Babies are crying

Running and hiding

They are still fighting

Sirens are howling

Who am I following

Searching for believers

Hands tied

You all lied

Macabre marauder

Voices in my head

It’s not your time

I don’t need a mother

Guess I’ll just ride

With my brother

Second guessing myself

It’s second nature

Second skin

If I could just get my mind off it

I’d get a second chance

Take a look at the abusers


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Sustenance-Devika Mathur

My Valiant Soul


Image result for sustenance art

I am a shallow bone of desires
burning in my own rivalry among galaxies.
Vinegar-faced my legs drool on my mouth,
Everything is opposite here.
When the earth rains and the sky listens,
the precise water-droplets of mercury,
churns my anxiety.
Where my war is my peace.
the hallucinations are my paradise,
poking my raisin breasts,
Osmosis of mind, osmosis of soul.
For everything is sustenance.

©My Valiant Soul

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