Perhaps it was you and your high standards. Maybe it was me, always breaking my back to try to live up to them. It didn’t matter that I was too young, or too inexperienced. You’d teach me high-handed anyway. It didn’t matter if I had an opinion. You’d give me one if you wanted. It didn’t matter if I was your little girl. As long as you got what you needed.

There are so many words I wish I could say now that you’re gone. But I know, if you were here, I’d be silenced anyway. In what reality do I earn my freedom? My independence. In what reality do I love without some memory of you in it?

Β© Sarah Doughty

Sarah Doughty is the Most Downloaded Author behind Heartstring Eulogies and her Instagram. Her books are available for free at most online retailers.

34 thoughts on “Realities

    1. Blood into Ink is a safe space for writers who have suffered trauma to write about those traumas and abuses. That is why this site is called Blood into Ink. All who post here are Warriors–survivors of abuse, mental illness, etc. Anything related to overcoming, or trying to overcome trauma.


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      1. Thank you. I am maybe a Stronger person because of it. And I bit his hand when he clasped it over my mouth to stop me shouting out.


      2. I agree I confess I learnt of them through their songs in the Twilight film. The first track I ever heard was Supermassive black hole played when the Cullen were playing baseball. I looked them up. Was hooked since then.

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  1. Sarah, I feel like I’ve been loving you forever, yet your beautiful strength and bravery to voice your truths continue to leave me in awe. Peace, my girl. ❀

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