Knife to my Back

A Wise Woman Writes

I found myself

Walking in my sleep

Feet at the edge

A nightmare reality

Making it’s way to the surface

From beyond the deep

My mind a raging storm

Faces and memories torn

Away in a frenzy

Dazed and confused

What’s in my head

Grasping at bits and pieces

I can see a light

But not the source

Yelling and lying

Can I stop dying

The sound of

Breaking boughs

Add to the echoes

Babies are crying

Running and hiding

They are still fighting

Sirens are howling

Who am I following

Searching for believers

Hands tied

You all lied

Macabre marauder

Voices in my head

It’s not your time

I don’t need a mother

Guess I’ll just ride

With my brother

Second guessing myself

It’s second nature

Second skin

If I could just get my mind off it

I’d get a second chance

Take a look at the abusers


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