Diana/The Wandering Armadillo

The Wandering Armadillo

if i arch my back, just so

you will hear the gutteral crack

of ribs splaying

and thunder peal

confined to a distant canyon

observe the blood rivulet flow

tinted crimson

from rhodonite glow

did you think of yourself as some indelible mark on my being?

how easily I’ve erased your ochred pigments

from my crumbled cave walls


indeed no

you were only the sharpest point of the trident

ending some turgid trilogy of torment

so stand back

drop the Finochietto*

little blood, no gore

though you expected more

your surgical precision

met with

phlegmatic derision

*a type of surgical retractor designed to separate ribs in chest surgery. Named after Argentinian surgeon Enrique Finochietto

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Under the Influence

A Wise Woman Writes

Frigid fog

Relentlessly rising

From warm mother

Loyal as a dog

Turns to ice

When it touches my skin

Promises spliced

Into lapsed life

Secrets buried

Flashback of

Drugged days

Bitter taste

Anemic amnesiac

Miss you

Let’s get together soon

Sweet solicitations

Remember me

Drown me

Choking on vows

Cotton in my mouth

Rabid teeth

Bite the hand that feeds me

Blood on the table

It’s only a flesh wound

Attracting flies

And little white lies

Implications of a cataclysm

I hate you because I love you

Superficial sorceress

White noise aftermath

Cannibalistic behavior

I thought you were my savior

Dawn delivers

Veracity unveiled

Devoured dreams

Stockholm syndrome screams

Unsolicited youth

Pound the pavement

For answers and truth

Living unchained

Fades into fantasy

Under the influence

(Image by Max Sauco)

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On Forces of Nature- Aurora Phoenix/Insights from “Inside”

the river does not question herself when the heavens torrent and the flooding of her banks encroaches uncomfortably deluged in downpours overwhelming emotions I overflow impinge upon your mythical white picket fences the volcano does not self-recriminate when twisters of fate spin beyond control and funnels of fury darken doorways shatter windowpanes whirling in misbegotten … Continue reading On Forces of Nature- Aurora Phoenix/Insights from “Inside”

Voices of Survival

Christine shares her heartfelt thoughts about Blood Into Ink. I am grateful for this Warrior family tribe!

Brave & Reckless

When I started Brave and Reckless in October of 2016, one of my first decisions was to write bravely and recklessly about my history of trauma, my ongoing struggles with PTSD and depression, and my journey to a stronger, more integrated self.  In essence, to value my truths over other people’s comfort, which I spent far too long doing earlier in my life.

Over the months I hosted and reblogged many inspiring and powerful pieces from other “voices of survival” as I have come to think of them and have done my best to promote those voices when I find them.  As time went by, and Brave and Reckless grews, I started wondering if was time to create space on WordPress to house and put a spotlight on some of the amazing voices I have encountered here, the voices of women and men who are survivors of sexual abuse, physical…

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