Scores- Varnika Jain

varnika 1

There are scars

On my body

From acts unspoken

As there are stars

On the horizon

From dreams unbroken.

Looking at both under the night sky,

A stream of tears escapes my eye.

For there are wars

In the days to come

From debts still pending

Then on all fours

You’ll be crouching

As I settle old scores

For there are scars

On my body

That are screaming bloody revenge.

The beautiful featured image is a sketch by the incredibly skilled Anwita Mukherjee. I’m popping up a direct link to her Instagram page here for you to check out more of her work. She’s a fellow lawyer, writer and an artist (the last one I’m not, sadly) and I’m immensely thankfully to the blogging community for that’s what led me to ask for a collaboration with her. Her bold, unique sketches of strong women are an ode to her feminist self and I love her all the more for it. Here’s to finding a kindred spirit, a new friend and a wealth of artistic talent!

Varnika Jain is prone to having verbal epiphanies in the midst of all the cacophony surrounding her life.  She is a voracious reader, vociferous eater and a vehemently passionate writer. You can read more of her writing at Moonlighting Scrivener where you can find her changing the world, one word at a time.

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