On Forces of Nature- Aurora Phoenix/Insights from “Inside”


the river does not

question herself

when the heavens torrent

and the flooding

of her banks



deluged in


overwhelming emotions

I overflow

impinge upon

your mythical

white picket fences

the volcano does not


when twisters of fate

spin beyond control

and funnels of fury

darken doorways

shatter windowpanes

whirling in

misbegotten winds

incomprehensible swirls

I cyclone

tear down

your self-protecting

mirroring assumptions

the earthquake does not

doubt her validity

when tectonic pressures

fracture the past

shift seismic understanding

crack open the crust

upon which you stand

squeezed by

mighty burdens

 inside and out

I tremor violently

concussing your trust

in the status quo

breaking new ground


(Image: Volcano Keeper, painting by Melita Safran)


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