Under the Influence

A Wise Woman Writes

Frigid fog

Relentlessly rising

From warm mother

Loyal as a dog

Turns to ice

When it touches my skin

Promises spliced

Into lapsed life

Secrets buried

Flashback of

Drugged days

Bitter taste

Anemic amnesiac

Miss you

Letโ€™s get together soon

Sweet solicitations

Remember me

Drown me

Choking on vows

Cotton in my mouth

Rabid teeth

Bite the hand that feeds me

Blood on the table

Itโ€™s only a flesh wound

Attracting flies

And little white lies

Implications of a cataclysm

I hate you because I love you

Superficial sorceress

White noise aftermath

Cannibalistic behavior

I thought you were my savior

Dawn delivers

Veracity unveiled

Devoured dreams

Stockholm syndrome screams

Unsolicited youth

Pound the pavement

For answers and truth

Living unchained

Fades into fantasy

Under the influence

(Image by Max Sauco)

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