#MeToo Writing Contest Honorable Mention- Queen of my own heart (running away from incest)/Kae Bucher

Queen of my heart Katherine Whitford

i wonder …
was it all a game to them…
that afternoon our house of cards
when my heart
was ripped like a playing card
as it tore
down streets on a green
skate board
from a family who
thought it was
to pimp me
to old
But then again…what
does it matter
they are …
or what
they think
I am?…
I am a 15 year old Queen of
 my own heart…
who rolls
up and down streets
from brothers who
want sex
from me… from old men
wait for me
in the
front room
so I guess
…because …
it’s not about the family
I was dealt
about getting my card
OUT of
their game…
I am a 15 year old Queen of my own heart…
so as soon…
as I can get off this
skateboard …MY
like shredded incest cards…
as I skate
to lands where sisters are
tucked into brother’s

I was born in the Florida Keys, but grew up in the Bay Area before migrating south for college. I completed my bachelor’s in English at Fresno Pacific University in California, where I minored in Christian ministry. I have also had the privilege of serving as a youth pastor.

In addition to teaching special needs students and raising four children, I also studied Special Education as a graduate student at FPU. I have now been writing for over twenty years, and much of my recent poetry appears on my website: Buckets On A Barefoot Beach

18 thoughts on “#MeToo Writing Contest Honorable Mention- Queen of my own heart (running away from incest)/Kae Bucher

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    Blood Into Ink recently held an #MeToo Writing Prompt Challenge. For the next two weeks BII will be publishing the submissions that made the biggest impact on the Curators. I hope that you will honor the writers who submitted by reading their work and showing support. They are fierce warriors and brave as hell to share their stories.

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    For the next two weeks, Blood into Ink will be publishing the #MeToo writing prompt challenge submissions that the Curators feel are the most impactful; this Honorable Mention goes to Kae Bucher.

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