Screaming at the Night — John W. Leys

Standing on the river bank,
Clothed in the night,
Screaming into the darkness
At no one,
At everyone,
At the Universe herself.
Three stand as one,
Bounded by blood, faith, and love:

You can’t break us,
We will not give in;
We will not give up!
We will fight,
We will survive,
We will flourish,
Warmed by the new day Sun!

The darkness answers with fading echoes.



Originally posted on Darkness of His Dreams

3 thoughts on “Screaming at the Night — John W. Leys

  1. Adorei o seu poema.
    Concordo com todas as suas palavras.
    Não nos devemos calar perante a indiferença daqueles que não sabem que um trauma é uma dor profunda que nos marca para a vida.
    É preciso dizer o quanto sofremos e como somos capazes de renascer das cinzas que permanecem dentro de cada um.

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    1. Translation from Google:
      I loved your poem.
      I agree with all your words.
      We should not be silent in the face of the indifference of those who do not know that a trauma is a deep pain that marks us for life.
      It is necessary to say how much we suffer and how we are able to be reborn from the ashes that remain within each one.
      Thank you.

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    2. Obrigado, Maria! Fico feliz que você goste. Para mim, o silêncio e a indiferença são duas das piores coisas do mundo. Devemos falar por nós mesmos e pelos outros. Obrigado por comentar!


      Thank you, Maria! I’m glad that you like it. To me, silence and indifference are two of the worst things in the world. We must speak out for ourselves and for others. Thank you for commenting!


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