Tarry and Feather

I hit send

and perch on pins

determined not to linger

in the knotted shoulder interval

between my accelerated pulses.

through the fissures in cyberspace

I smell the acrid plumes

  • your smoke signals

fuming in fumes.

you fan them furiously

horrified that I may hear

that detector blast –

its caustic accusatory bleat.


I hit send

and tuck my limbs

careening o’er rollercoaster descent

braiding lost stanzas

of breath between

wind-torn tresses

as they lash

my puckered cheeks.

beyond the shuttered sash

of the hurricane’s eye

I glimpse the tiger claws

  • unsheathed sentinels

steeling your heart.

you pounce and pad

lest I palpate the panic

as it lacerates

peels the sclera from

mis ojos llorando.


I hit send

and pluck an achromatic dirge

from the frayed threads

of our woven unravelling.

yanked through thirsty tears

in the fabric of spacetime

I echo within the repercussions

  • your tortoise shelled saturninity

a caterwauling sonic boom.

you beat a phantom retreat

the envy of Custer’s cavalry

while I reel, Virginia like

across the dust marbled pages,

script unscripted.


I hit send

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