Fight Flight Freeze- Sarah Doughty

“There’s a reason it’s called fight, flight,
or freeze. Inaction is not your fault.”

Sometimes there’s a fine line between what feels right and what doesn’t. In those fifteen seconds that matter, you might be surprised how quickly those seconds tick by. And by then, it could be too late. But remember this: it wasn’t your fault. No matter the excuse, if it didn’t feel right, it wasn’t right. There’s a reason they call it fight, flight, or freeze. It’s not your fault if you couldn’t speak. It’s not your fault if you didn’t fight it. It’s not your fault for letting it happen. Our bodies have a natural defense mechanism and in those moments, you were following your instincts. Never apologize for your inaction. Don’t analyze what you could have done differently. You survived. That’s what matters. You. Are. Not. At. Fault.

© Sarah Doughty

[Sarah Doughty is the tingling wonder-voice behind Heartstring Eulogies. She’s also the author of The Silence Between Moonbeams, her poetry chapbook, and the acclaimed novels and novellas of the Earthen Witch Universe. Good news, they’re all offered for free, right here! To learn more about how awesome Sarah is, check out her website, stalk her on Instagram, and add her on Goodreads.]

9 thoughts on “Fight Flight Freeze- Sarah Doughty

    1. Oh yes, definitely. Last year my family and I went to the grocery store. Nothing big, and it wasn’t too busy. But when we were in line to check out, the woman in from of us dropped a pack of bottled beer and it exploded over all of us. Not only was the sudden sound a trigger, but the scent was too. There I was, with cold beer seeping into my clothes and that was all I could smell. My brain shut off and my husband has to drag me to another line where I stood like a zombie and he checked out quickly. I was frozen all the way home until he got me into the shower, started laundry, and then both my husband and son took showers before coming near me again. It was surreal and I couldn’t snap out of it until the scent was all gone.

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