Unforgotten- Christine Ray


elliptical movement
of Mars’ orbit
partially eclipsed
the memories
from view
but Phobos
shine bright tonight
in the tight fold
of marble arms
across my chest
taste of bitter bile
that eats at the back of my throat
fierce clench of my glass jaw
refracting crimson light
of twin moons
I feel your shade wake, stir
pull at the phantom threads that
once bound us
I am unnerved
to discover you
by nerves beneath my skin
but experience has taught me
that you too will burn off
like tendrils of grasping fog
with the arrival of
the dawn

© 2018 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved


16 thoughts on “Unforgotten- Christine Ray

  1. Getting rid of someone inside of you, is never anything easy, it usually takes years and years, and sometimes, you’re still, not rid of the person’s memories for good…


    1. I don’t think any of us ever forget our abusers, although as the decades pass, they recede further and further into memory. But unexpected triggers bring those memories back in incredibly visceral and immediate ways. The wisdom of the years has taught me that this will pass.


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