I Knew My Worth


I knew my worth when I was hot as fuck and

boys all lined up to

pet my cleft at the blind side of the playground—

dirty fingers

mercifully uneducated in the intricacies of

female anatomy


I knew my worth when I was hot as fuck in

middle school, despite my flat chest and

highly guarded cleft—

face of Helen and an ass that wouldn’t quit,

by the gods, I knew my worth


I knew my worth when I was hot as fuck and

high school boys poorly educated in the delicacies of

female anatomy

petted my cleft with excavating fingers—

I sang hymns for my molested hymen


I knew my worth when I gave birth

two weeks before graduation, and I was in love;

my sweet babe, my savior—

she taught me the truth of my worth


(image: InStyle)

49 thoughts on “I Knew My Worth

  1. I read all of these and I was blown away. Thank you Eric for reblogging this or I may have missed it and that would have been my loss as these are SUPERB and some of the BEST writing I have read both through your blogs and in general. You have done such an incredible job here! ABSOLUTELY wonderful !!!!!!!!


  2. I can’t tell you how excited I am about the chain reaction your poem has caused. So much power, feeling and beauty of words. But I never expected anything less of you, dearest. Not since I first read Bellyful.

    Liked by 1 person

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