Let’s Make a Deal- Christine E. Ray


I edge further
and further
from the known
the familiar
shutting some doors firmly
behind me
with a sigh of resignation
while others
I ease quietly closed
hesitant to reawaken
my past
I look for a yellow brick road
or neon footprints
to guide my steps
but the faint sets of tracks
are colorful chaos
blurring each other’s
into a chalky rainbow
as they criss-cross
and meander ahead
do I choose
curtain number one?
door number three?
or that unopened box
that my eyes
pretend not to see
the one that covers my back
in cold clammy sweat
while I gulp down anxiety flavored
shots of cheap rum and coke
gagging on the sticky sweetness
leaving me queasy
nerves humming
once more

Image courtesy of Pinterest

© 2018 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

24 thoughts on “Let’s Make a Deal- Christine E. Ray

      1. Long ago I read a sci-fi book of which I’ve forgotten the title and author, but I do remember one of the characters who referred to the gods of his people as “The Lords Of Cosmic Jest”. That appeals to me, and in mythology the Tricksters (Coyote, Raven, Loki, Hermes, Hanuman, and The Fates [How like the Greeks to have multiple agents of the random.] ) are my favorites.

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  1. It’s always very scary for all of us, to venture from the known, into the unknown but until you’d, ventured into the unknown, your own unconscious, you will, NEVER realize how far you’d come in your own life, it’s a journey, we must all, take by ourselves, and yet, many of us are still, lost, in the fog, refusing to see what had happened to our younger selves…

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