To Carry a Knife – Kristiana Reed

My daughter will learn

how to hone the blades

on the tip of her tongue;

and she will cut and sculpt

words which move the world

to tears and action.

She will use her mother’s weapons

to leave this world

a better place;

carrying a knife in her wit

and not her pocket,

wielding strength in

her kindness and ferocity,

not fighting for her life

and her right to exist.

She will be here to stay.

She will not be shushed

nor ushered away.

Kristiana Reed is an English teacher and a writer (in her free time and day dreams.) She is the author of the WordPress blog My Screaming Twenties and she writes about love, her struggle with mental health, survival and hope. She is currently in the middle of producing Between the Trees, her debut anthology, and writing her first novel.

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