Liar, liar – Kristiana Reed


Time doesn’t heal all wounds;

the ones you wrought have stayed open

and continue to bleed intermittently

whenever you lie, or play the victim

in ill-fitting clothes and makeup

which runs in crocodile tears

into the congealing mouths

of my war wounds. The war

I have always had with you;

a conflict of different eyes

but similar jaw lines

– you’re all temper and no sight –

and I bleed more than you think,

pools and pools of invisible ink

because to you I am the liar,

liar, house on fire, you will never believe,

nor acknowledge how much

you have hurt me.


Kristiana Reed is a writer and an English Teacher living in the UK. She is the creator of My Screaming Twenties on WordPress and she is currently working on her debut poetry collection which will be released this Spring. Her work has been published in several poetry anthologies (Swear To Me, All The Lonely People, We Will Not Be Silenced), in the feminist issue of MAELSTROM Zine and the inaugural issue (flight) from Nightingale and Sparrow.

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