Synergy is a strong force on WordPress. Writers who feel passionately about a topic or a type of writing will eventually find each other and it an amazingly powerful moment to discover that kinship.  This type of cosmic synergy has been increasingly apparent to Brave and Reckless’ Christine Ray who broke decades of silence to start writing openly and unflinchingly about her truths in October of 2016. Her writing was discovered by others who write their own stories fiercely and an informal community began to develop.  It became increasingly apparent that this group of warriors who speak power, turn their blood into ink when they tell their truths about survival, needed a dedicated space to collect these writings, create a safe, respectful and inclusive community and light the path for others.

The curators of Blood Into Ink believe that words have power, that truth matters, that voices carry and that the first step in breaking the cycle of trauma is to break the silence and let truth speak.

All who enter with respect and openness are welcome here.