Under Construction – Aurora Phoenix

I built them myself

these walls

that circumscribe me

\hem my hagridden heart\

‘round me

safe and alone

bricked with mortal mortar

\angst echo chamber\

impervious to pounding pestle.

fingertips mangle

in the raucous


to breach

a bloody gap.


I just wish I hadn’t

scrawled such grotesque


7 thoughts on “Under Construction – Aurora Phoenix

  1. I like it. The poem addresses something I think about a lot — how and why we build our little walled gardens — or sometimes, as here, prisons. The imagery of graffiti on the walls is striking.

    I think most people imagine wanting to escape their walls by finding someone who will love them. But in truth, the only way I’ve known to escape from those walls is to love, rather than to seek being loved.

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